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Season Race #1

Saturday, June 4 at 1:00 pm

Racing starts at 2:00 pm

Latest Results
Lakeview Chrysler 40
123Jimmy Lee Sheppard2433
296Kevin Lane2428
339Austin Morgan2426
Current Standings
After 5 of 5 Events
1167--96Kevin Lane
2141-2655Ron Thomas
3132-354Ryan Sheppard
2022 Schedule Released
EventDayDateGates OpenRace
1SaturdayJune 41:00 pmSeason Race #1
2SaturdayJuly 21:00 pmSeason Race #1
3SaturdayJuly 161:00 pmSeason Race #1
4SaturdayAugust 61:00 pmSeason Race #1
5SaturdayAugust 271:00 pmSeason Race #1
August 21 Results Posted

Thanks to everyone who helped make another successful season at Thunder Valley Speedway! Congratulations to our champions:

Hobby Stock: #96 - Kevin Lane
Sportsman: #28 - Todd Moss Jr.
Bomber: #75 - Jessica Hunter
Bandolero Bandit: #10 - Parker Young
Bandolero Outlaw: #05 - Jacob Lawrence
Legend: #23 - Michael Neary

Season Opener Promo
Race Day Procedures

The following are a set of procedures for those unfamiliar with practices at Thunder Valley Speedway:

1. Spectators:

  • For 2021, tickets must be paid for in advance by sending and EMT to
  • Enter spectator parking area (first exit)
  • Park your vehicle, then proceed on foot toward the East side of the track and confirm your online ticket purchase at the gatehouse
  • Washrooms are available on-site, concessions are currently not available.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the grandstands. Dedicated smoking areas are available
  • The cost of each spectator for 2021 is $25.00 per person, to be paid in advance by contacting
  • 2. Drivers and Crew Members

  • Bypass the spectator parking area and gatehouse on Jumper's Brook Road
  • Stop at the registration gate (pit entry)
  • All registration and entry fees must be paid in advance by contacting, even if your registration is being covered by a third party.
  • Event entry fee is $100.00. This covers the driver and two crew members.
  • Please bring enough cash to cover the appropriate fees:
      Registration (per class) - One-time - $50.00 each
  • Receipts and Race Day Schedules are available upon request at the gate
  • Apply the wristbands you receive at the gate immediately
  • Proceed to your designated pit stall as directed by the Gatekeeper or Pit Attendant
  • Unload your race car and equipment within the parameters of your pit stall
  • Race Day Schedules and qualifier line-ups will be available at the inspection area
  • Proceed throughout the day according to the Race Day Schedule and direction of the Pit Attendant.
  • Do not enter the track until directed by the Pit Attendant
  • Any driver or vehicle that doesn't show up at the track at least 45 minutes before the scheduled race time of the earliest qualifier that day will experience delays entering and will start at the rear of the field during the qualifiers